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Robustic™ is a technology company providing products and vision with a common sense approach. Let us cut through all the buzz words and help you get to an answer we can all understand.

Technology has changed with amazing speed but many established technology companies providing support and services have not. Companies today need someone to guide them through changes and identify what they need to do about them. Robustic™ provides this support.

We focus on three main categories:

Technology – Do you have what you need to be successful today plus a technology strategy for the future? What should a company really know about  the changes technology and what should they do to stay current and relevant?

Integration – How do all the technologies I have fit together into one coherent solution? How does that work when many services are cloud based or hosted?

Consulting – How do I plan for the future? What should I keep internal and what should be cloud based or hosted? How do I know if my technology teams are doing the things required to prepare for the future?

Our services (click to enlarge):

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Robustic has also built 3 key fintech platforms that provide services to also underpin your business:

Product – FinQ

FinQ™ is an online digital marketplace platform that provides consumers as well as service providers with the ability to find each other. Currently, the platform is focused on the financial services industry but can be applied in other industries where consumers want services from providers.

FinQ™ provides benefits for both consumers and service providers. For the consumer, FinQ™ offers guidance on financial services pertinent to the age and stage of their financial journey. They can complete an assessment of their current situation and get actionable guidance.  They can also investigate what financial services they should be considering when a Life Event (starting a new job, getting married, etc.) is reached. With this guidance and knowledge the consumer can decide to engage a service provider through the platform to fill any gaps discovered.

For the service provider FinQ™ is a space where they can increase sales channels within the digital arena with little to no investment. They can streamline their business processes and interact online with consumers at their convenience.


Product – Robustic BMS

Robustic™ Broker Management Services (BMS) provides a complete platform for an insurance brokerage. Services Include:

  • Lead and Quote Management
  • Carrier and Policy Managment
  • Company & Employee Data Capture including online enrollment
  • Invoice Generation
  • Carrier Integration
  • Plan Admin Portal for self service

Product – Radical Transparency

Robustic’s Radical Transparency™ product is designed to provide unfiltered feedback to the various levels within organizations.

C Level Executives Challenge:

  • What are my highest priorities?
  • How do I know where to invest our precious limited resources (people and dollars) to drive the highest value?
  • What do my employees know or see that is not being communicated effectively to me?
  • How do I get full real-time transparency into what my customers want or see so that we can effectively deliver value that makes our customers the happiest?


Radical Transparency™

  • Enterprise App that enables real-time capture of customer facing issues effecting your customers satisfaction
  • An employee driven solution that gives your employees a voice to affect change and provide unfiltered feedback
  • Transparency throughout your organization that facilitates clarity of the highest priorities and greatest impact investments that deliver high quality customer relationships


About Us

After working in the consulting industry for many years and seeing how large Fortune 100 companies operate it became very apparent that there needed to be a change.  Often large companies are focused on servicing the masses with cookie cutter solutions based on out of date technology. Many are slow to change and tend to be behind trends in society, like the role of technology and its impact on how people communicate and use services. Everyone is connected and busy. While there are people who want to see or speak to an advisor this is no longer the norm. Getting the bus, purchasing goods and  transferring money between individuals in apps or email is an ordinary part of daily life.

What everyone still needs is knowledge.

While technology is evolving with amazing speed, too many technology companies that provide support and services are not. Organizations today need someone to guide them through changes and identify what they need to do about them. Robustic Inc can provide this support. See our experience below (click to enlarge):


Founders Bios
Jason Budgell

Jason is a former IT executive with 20 years of diverse international consulting experience. He has a strong history of leading and delivering business objectives though the use of technology for Fortune 100 companies. As a technology integration specialist he is passionate about simplifying the maze of financial services. Jason is dedicated to his goal of providing a technology that is accessible to individuals that provides straightforward and intelligent guidance on real needs and things that matter.

Jason put spending time with his family at the top of his priorities list. He loves to travel with his wife and three children and is always looking for a new place to go!